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  • Staf Sergeant Marc A. Arizmendez
  • Date of Birth March 30, 1980
  • Date of Death July 6 2010
  • Date at Fullerton College 1998
  • Dept. Automotive.

Marc Arizmendez was killed in Qalat Afganisan, along with two other soldiers after insurgents attacked his vehicle with a homemade explosive device. It was his first tour of Afghanistan, a duty he had volunteered for. He had previously served a tour of duty in Iraq in 2005.

Marc didn't start out on a path to come to Fullerton College; at age 12 when he was about to be initiated into a local gang his mother, Amelia, interceded and made a decision to send him off to St. Catherine's military Academy in Anaheim. She feared that he would never forgive her.

He enrolled in the auto certificate program at Fullerton College, his main interest being Volkswagens, of which he had several including a 1965 bus. But then decided he was going to join the army and become a mechanic. His hope was he would be stationed in Germany, home of the Volkswagen. He was told he would have to be perfect on his practical exams if he wanted to pick his assignment, not only did he achieve the score, he also score perfect on fitness and excelled on marksmanship, as well. He was stationed in Germany.

From a child who loved to take his toy trucks apart he became a mechanic with a fierce sense of duty, often working past his shift because he knew the vehicles he worked on were needed. A perfectionist that also took pride in teaching mechanics to other soldiers, Marc was an outstanding mechanic and solider. His footsteps are no longer heard, but his love for his family and fellow soldiers who depended upon him survives.

Staff Sergeant Marc A Arizmendez is survived by his wife, Barbra; their two children Jenny and Justin as well as his parents, brothers and sisters.