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My parents moved to Fullerton in 1956, and I was born and raised here, attending Fullerton’s public schools and the college. My father, Bill Simons, was hired as a maintenance painter in the M & O department in the late 1960s, working at both Fullerton and Cypress colleges, and eventually being assigned to FC in the late 1970s.

As a child I remember him taking us to campus and showing us around, so it was inevitable that my family—eventually three generations—would work at Fullerton College. My husband Gary was hired in 1979 as a facilities custodian and worked the graveyard shift at FC for 27 years. I took a part-time position in 1984 while my children were toddlers, thinking it was temporary while I was trying to decide on returning to school. 28 years later I’m still here, though for the past ten years at the District Offices.

Both my daughter Sarah and son Ben are FC alumni, and both worked on several years on campus while students, with my daughter later taking a permanent staff position. While working at FC she met her husband, David Wise, who was also an alumni and staff member. So we truly are a Fullerton College family!

Fullerton College has undergone many changes in the 28 years I’ve worked for the District, physical and otherwise. Many great faculty and staff are now retired and new, fresh faces have taken their place. The campus has been renovated to become the beauty we all felt it always was. I’ve so enjoyed the many friendships made and nurtured with great colleagues and students, and I always feel a special sense of pride at my years on campus. It will always feel like "home."

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Dates/Years at Fullerton College

1984–2002 at Fullerton College, 2002–present at District Offices


Fullerton College Staff of Distinction 1992