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For the 30th anniversary of FC’s distinguished Artist in Residence program, FC was honored to invite master ceramicist Marlo Bartels to the campus during the 2012 spring semester. Bartels has been producing and installing permanent wall pieces, sculptures, murals, and functional art since 1977, both locally and on the international level. Southern California cities, in particular, have benefited from the beautification of Bartels’ stylistic ability to play with organic forms that transform space with vibrant colors and inspirational, oceanic qualities. Bartels donated his time and energy to inviting the FC campus into his creative process, activating onlookers to connect with the elements of ceramics and create beauty in an array of techniques. The Laguna Beach-based artist filled the FC gallery with works from his studio and private collections that created an enchanting experience from the tiled mosaic displays, functional seats and large fountain, titled “Imagine World Peace.” As a result of Bartels’ ceramic tile production from demonstrations and studio time on campus, an 8x20-foot mural on the West wall of the Fine Arts building came into fruition. Beyond the undeniable aesthetic achievement of the installation, Bartels paid homage to the history of Fullerton’s native orange groves and towers as a reminder of the beauty intrinsic in the local landscape. Marlo Bartels also generated the first exterior mural at FC in honor of the centennial celebration.

Dates at Fullerton College:

March 2012

Department or specialty:

Ceramic art


  • National Endowment for the Arts — Grant — Master Craftsman Apprentice — 1978
  • National Endowment for the Arts — Grant — Ceramic Workshop — 1977
  • National Endowment for the Arts — Grant — Building Arts 1981-1982
  • Laguna Beach Architectural Guild, winner, 1999 Design Awards Program, Furniture/Fixtures category
  • M.A. Art, California State University, Fullerton
  • B.A. Art, California State University, Long Beach
  • Artist in Residence at Fullerton College, 2012
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