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My experience at Fullerton College so far has been great! This is my first semester here and I have to say I really like this school. That has a lot to do with TAP (Transfer Achievement Program). My first time registering was so stressful because I wasn't getting any classes. Then I heard about the TAP Program from my friend. It was that Smart Saturday event when I visited the TAP table and asked questions about the program. They asked me my placement test scores and it turned out I was eligible to join the program. They told me to meet with the TAP counselor Heather and discuss me joining TAP. I got to sit down with Heather and learn about the program. It sounded so great! After she was done informing me about TAP, she went ahead and gave me 3 TAP classes. Math 20, English 100, and Counseling 151. I was so grateful to Heather for giving me classes because before I only had one class and it was on a Saturday for 4 hours straight. I really liked how they had a TAP event from all incoming students. It allowed us to know where all our classes would be and meet some of our teachers and also our classmates. I met a lot of new friends because of TAP.

I always recommend students who are not in TAP to join if they are eligible. The only thing different about TAP is the weekly mandatory SI sessions. Some people complain about SI and feel it’s unnecessarily, but I for one love it and benefit a lot from it. It allows me to work on things I am struggling with and receive help not from the teachers but the facilitators too. To talk about the facilitators a little bit, they are very kind and generous. I actually met up with my Math facilitator the day before I had a math test and asked her for help on questions I didn't understand from the homework. She was very helpful and very willing to offer her free time to help me. So I for one am a big fan of SI and the facilitators. Overall TAP is a great program to be apart of. I am so very glad I joined it and would recommend it to anyone. This is something that really made my Fullerton College experience a good one.