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My experience in Fullerton College has over all been a good. I started three years ago. When I first started I joined the cheer team. Joining the team is the best thing that did after graduating high school. The people that I mean are friends for life. Without joining the cheer team my experience might be different. Without having meet those people I would not have given me the help on what classes I need to take and where to go. My first year without the second year Fullerton cheer teammates I would not have known what classes to take and what order I should take them in.

The teachers at Fullerton are helpful. They still care enough to make sure their students turn in their homework and make up their test. The whole time while I was in high school the teachers would always talk about how the teachers do not care about what your doing, if you go to class, and they will fail you without caring. However, Fullerton College teachers do care and want to make sure students get out of school and transfer to the next level or get an AA. The teachers make the experience better and wanting to go to class.

The football team has been a good. Having a school that is able to have a football team, and going to the game is a fun experience. The football team is good and fun to cheer at. The football games have good memories during the last three years. Being able to go to a football and experience a college game is a necessity in college years. Fullerton College is a good school and I would suggest any one to go to this school.