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My most life changing experience is not like the typical ones you may think of as life changing such as a death of a loved one, or a physical illness, or an awe inspiring job opportunity or internship. It was very subtle in fact and only in retrospect was it life changing. It was a series of events that changed my life and they all worked together under the will of God. It all began when I went to a retreat with my church youth group. It wasn’t anything completely special and in fact, I don’t remember every detail of the retreat. I was actually disappointed that I felt that God was not revealing Himself to me. But I knew that He meant for me to wait for His timing and to my surprise, I was rewarded with something even greater than what I had asked for at retreat. What was the norm at a retreat was that one would be filled with the Holy Spirit and would come back home pumped about God. I wanted to be filled with the Holy Spirit like was customary to happen at a retreat but I didn’t get it. Instead, a couple weeks after the retreat, I had found that God was revealing Himself to me in places that I had not thought that He could be found before. I was blessed with his presence at a small Christian club praise night that happened at my school. I was filled with His Holy Spirit when I was reading the bible and worshipping by myself at home. And I felt his presence at a different church than my own and through my friends and through the nature, and through my passion of drawing and painting, and through conversations. What God revealed to me was something that I may have understood and said verbally that, “He is everywhere,” but never truly experienced. This experience may have not drastically changed my life immediately but I know that with each revelation, I am growing one step closer to God and that is life changing to me.