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Graduating Spring 2013

Fullerton College is where I fulfilled my lifelong dream. All I ever wanted was to go to college. Even in grade school (in the 1960's) I was asking my teachers about scholarships.

I am amazed at my good fortune, or FC's wise decision, to have many wonderful professors. Nearly all of them are so well equipped as teachers that they make their discipline seem the most interesting in the world. Dr. Conforti made me want to major in political science; Professor Mummery made me want to pursue the path of economics.

My graduation date is Spring of 2013 and I want to thank Fullerton College for making my lifelong dream come true.

I thought my chance to go to college would never come, my mother was ill for as long as I knew her, and as her primary caretaker from age nine, and the sole household wage earner since age 16, it became apparent that no matter how high my grades were, I would not be able to care for Mom all night, work full-time during the day, and attend college in the evenings. I was devastated.

At twenty-one I got married, then eight years later had two children to take care of in addition to Mom. Mom died. Then Dad, who I never knew until he helped me after I lost my husband of fourteen years, got sick and I spent the last two decades caring for him. Lucky for me, my stepmother is doing well and doesn't require full-time nursing at this point.

Now that my children independent, and my parents are dead, I finally have the chance to stop putting my life on hold and now I go to Fullerton College.