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Fullerton College has been my home for the past three years now. I'm a commuter student and do not mind the fact that I have a little drive to get here. I am from Whittier, Ca and chose to come here because I had heard only good things about this school. I already liked the idea that there would be students at the school that I went to high school with so I was not entering completely alone but was also very excited for the new experience. My first semester here I was lucky enough to have a teachers who had inspired me right off the bat. They were all very excited to teach which made me eager to learn. Also the campus life is fun as well. There are always events going on such as club rush or job fairs and if you are signed up for A.S. benefits you get free food! What could be better than free food? Now another main reason I chose to come to this amazing school was because I have heard great things about the transfer rates for this school and it is true. Many students that graduated from Fullerton went on to transfer to awesome schools such as UCLA and USC. I have had amazing help from the counselors that are helping me get in the right direction to transfer on to the school of my choice. I would highly advise current and incoming students to take advantage of all the amazing resources Fullerton College has to offer. From the transfer department to the skills labs they have available. It is extremely obvious that the staff here want to help and see you succeed and that really makes me feel good and happy that I chose to come here as appose to the other junior colleges that were close by to me. I love the vibe at Fullerton College, every semester I am excited to step back onto this beautiful campus. The students here are always so welcoming as well. I have made many friends since being here that I still keep in touch with and hang out on the regular. I think that Fullerton sets up a good environment to meet new people. I have never once had a problem with any of my fellow students since I have been attending here. If I could finish my whole college experience here I would but unfortunately I do have to transfer which is not necessarily a bad thing. Fullerton has just become such an amazing familiar place for me it is truly going to be hard for me to leave here. I am very proud to say that I will soon be of many who can call themselves a Fullerton College Alumni.