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This semester fall 2012 is my first semester in Fullerton College. I have been to so many different colleges, but this fall 2012 was my first semester in Fullerton College. Fullerton College is so different than any other community college for several reasons.

One reason is Fullerton College is a bigger school and offers many more classes than any other community college out there that made it easier for me to find classes.

Another reason is it has bigger library and computer laps and a lot of student services to help students with any class. I benefited a lot from the reading lap. I always go there to study for any of my classes and use a computer for as long as I need. Also they have got very helpful nice people if I needed any help with anything.

One of the most important reasons is the TAP program, I have never heard of that program in any other college. At first, I didn’t know about it at all, but I heard a lot of my classmates talking about it and I asked some of them about the program. I found out that the TAP program is a really helpful program that help student stay on track and guide them with what classes they need to take depends on their majors instead of wasting time on some classes that they won’t need for their majors. The program also provides counseling, special meeting with a lot of helpful people, and reserved classes of students who are part of the program. I want to find out more about this program and I am very interested about joining it.

Finally after I found out that Fullerton College is one of the oldest schools in the state of California, I wanted to join such a historical icon like Fullerton College and let it be a big part of my career and who I will become in the future.