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Orange County is what I have called home for twenty years. I have lived in three homes, gone to two elementary, one junior high, and one high school. I am currently attending Fullerton College because of the history my family has behind this amazing school. My grandmother was born in New Mexico and grandfather in Mexico. My father and his siblings came to California with my grandfather and fell in love with the fields, oceans, and homes. They traveled to different towns for the jobs in the field. Finally, my family decided on Anaheim, California to call their home. They settled in Anaheim because of its beauty and back in the 60’s it was still a growing town. My father got a job offer in a factory, which was a major difference than working in the fields, and so Anaheim would be our home for good.

I have an uncle, one of my father’s siblings, whom is a principal at an Elementary School in Arizona. He was the first of the family to go to Fullerton College and he loved his experience at Fullerton College. When I was in high school and I told him I would be attending a community college he insisted I should try Fullerton College. Also my sister knew I was going to attend college and she as well insisted I tried out Fullerton. She had a different situation than me because she was a teen mother but achieved her liberal arts degree at Fullerton with all of the services and support from Fullerton College. She would take classes in the morning while my nephew was at the Child Development Center; with that help she would achieve her dream of graduating college. I knew that Fullerton College was the right college for me because of the achievements it provided my family and I knew that it would be the correct school to continue my family’s legacy of graduating from college.

I will have three years in attendance at Fullerton College and I could not be happier with my experiences and growth throughout my years. Coming out of high school I was intimidated by everyone that seemed much older, wiser, and knew where he or she were going. I was lost every time I would try to go to my class but there was always one person that said “do you need help?” or “this campus can be tricky let me help you find your way.” I felt so happy when strangers that were my fellow peers were helping me. I was introduced to EOPS by my sister because she was in the program when she attended Fullerton and thought I should too. It was the best decision I had made up to this day, besides attending Fullerton, because that office and staff made me feel like I was welcomed, at home, at peace. The specialists are truly special because they make the student feel special. The counselors are caring and so helpful. EOPS was a great help and still is a help to me and I appreciate what the staff has done for me.

My time is not yet over with Fullerton College I have some time left with the amazing staff, programs, and peers. I am majoring in Business Administration and loving every class I take, because business is a serious subject but the professors make it their priority to teach us and remind us that we are in college learning so it is okay to not understand some of the material. They will take time out of their day or weekends to help the students. That is something that I will forever be appreciative for all their help and dedication they put in their jobs. Fullerton College has been a great experience for my family and me. Generations apart yet we all got the same feeling, as if we were welcomed as if it was our home away from home.