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When given the opportunity to choose which college to go to it was hard not to pick Fullerton College! I attended Fullerton directly from high school and then returned many years later. The beauty and charm of the college is by far one of the best in the area.I have spent a few semesters at Cerritos College only to find myself returning back to Fullerton College as it truly feels like a home away from home.

I originally came to Fullerton College to purse a certificate in Radio Broadcasting. It was here where a professor by the name of Ed Berger impressed me with his enthusiasm to teach. I did my first live radio announcement at Fullerton College in 1997 on KBPK 90.1 with the guidance of Mr. Berger. Years had passed when I came to look for him only to find he had passed on, but my memory of his energy and spunk remains.I didn’t think I’d find teachers as engaging as him, but I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing, and exceptional professors I have had: Angie Andrus, Jerry Padilla, Tom Chiaromonte, Miguel Powers, and Bridgette Kominek just to name a few.

I have participated in volunteer work with my professors, gone on week long field trips , participated in cultural events, Kindercaminata, workshops, and have become truly inspired to see how self-less and thoughtful the staff at Fullerton College is. It made me realize that I too, wanted to be in a position in life to help others succeed. My major is Sociology, and I am expected to graduate the spring of 2013.

My best advice to give anyone coming to Fullerton College is to get involved with extra-curricular activities and get to know your professors because they truly care and are here to help. Doing so can enhance the academic experience immensely. Also, get to know your fellow classmates. One can find that the quiet person in the back of the classroom has an inspiring story to share that can change the way you view the world.

My experience at Fullerton College has truly been an enriching experience and quite possibly the best years of my life. My daughter is three years old and she attends school here as well at the Lab School. She is learning so much and loves it here too! What more could a mother ask for? It’s a special time because we are both enriching our lives here at Fullerton College, our home away from home and I am truly fortunate and blessed.