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Fullerton College has nonetheless made me who I am today. But, my viewpoint for this college hasn’t always been positive. In fact, my first connotation of the name “Fullerton College” was a low-end school filled with unmotivated students and staff. But, I couldn’t have been more wrong. My story at Fullerton College started at my senior year at Sunny Hills High School. I was poised to receive scholarships for playing golf at universities including LMU, Bentley, and UCSD but after a bad summer outing for the scouts, I was not given them. Since I spent so much time with golf during high school, my grades were not in the caliber of the colleges I wanted to apply to, which included some very respected business programs. So, I opted for the option I did not want to settle for: 2 years at a junior college.

As a cocky student with very high educational standards for himself, I was, ironically, extremely humbled by the end of my first semester in college. I met some great and helpful teachers along the way which contributed to my changing viewpoints. As I began to embrace the opportunity that I was given, I began to appreciate the learning I had received. I am also currently enrolled in the honors program and the STEM Program, which I recommend for anyone interested in transferring. Although Fullerton College is a junior college, it provides ample opportunities to join clubs and programs that interest individuals of all sorts.

One outcome of my first semester that has been the most positive to me is my improved study habits. I believe that this will carry me into potential success as I try to transfer to a desired school. At the beginning of my college career, I planned on majoring in Business Administration. But as a couple calculus courses went by, I turned to a more mathematical major in Computer Science and Engineering. I am probably not going to stick to this major by the end of my Fullerton College career, but that’s the beauty of college. I get to explore outside my comfort zone, and take on challenges that I have never imagined to face before. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t have had the same change of mind if I attended a 4-year university, but I’m definitely confident that Fullerton College played a huge factor in my learning experience.

As for future students of FC, beware of the crowded parking and delayed registration dates that might prevent you from getting many classes. Give yourself at least 30 min before class to find parking, just to be safe. Also, the Cadena Transfer Center is very helpful in getting you on the right track to transfer. Just make sure you have an idea of what your major is, and potential transfer schools. Other than that, the regular: “joining clubs, pay attention in class, do homework, and give enough time to study” should do the trick to succeeding in college


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