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Having an education has been one of my biggest goals since I remember. However, marriage, children and work were always in the middle of my dream. But, once I had the opportunity to enroll in Fullerton College, I decided to register in ESL 185 and Grammar 45 because I wanted to improved my English skills. However, after finishing my first semester I changed my perspective about college. I discover that if I wanted to pursue a career I needed to take more English classes that can fully prepared me to succeed in the rest of my classes.

When I started my second semester I was lucky to register in one of the ESL classes thought by Professor Elizabeth Gaitatjis. Mrs. Gaitatjis changed my perspective about education. She inspired me with her lectures to perform better in FC. Mrs. Gaitatjis gave me the confidence that I needed to believe in myself again. She made me realized that it does not matter how fluent your English skills are at the beginning of the educational journey because learning English is a long path that requires hard work and dedication. Mrs. Gaitatjis teaching material motivated me to put all my strength and effort to learn the critical thinking concepts in writing. Her passion and dedication in class and outside of class towards helping her students made me realized that high-qualified professors that care deeply about their students’ success surrounded me.

After finishing my second semester in FC I decided to earn an Associate Degree in Marketing and Advertising in FC and transfer to a University to pursue a career in Business Administration. My goals are still very far but I am optimistic that I am going to be able to achieved them. Professor Floerke is another example of the many qualified and valuable teachers that form part of this institution. Professor Floerke’s passion for teaching does not end in his classroom because his office is always full of students that need guide in their essays. In addition to have competent and valuable Professors, I know I am in one of the best educational institutions because FC staff have as a first priority to prepare their students to become successful and as Professor Floerke said it “individual thinkers.”