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I am a student at Fullerton College. I have spent my first four semesters in college here. I graduated high school in 2011 and enrolled at Fullerton College the next fall. Before that though I attended a class for transitioning students from high school to college that summer. This class helped me tremendously throughout the two weeks it was in session. After summer ended I had no issues finding the classes I needed. We were also taught the resources needed to transfer. Then I was introduced to the TAP program. I went to a few meetings and learned more about it. I am very lucky to have the chance to be in a great program like TAP. They helped me out by giving me the chance to register for my classes early, which I am also very happy for. It would be hard to try and get through college with only one or two classes but that is why TAP was a great decision. I took both counseling classes with Heather Halverson and Sunshine Vidal. These classes definitely helped in preparing for the semesters after. And now I’m still in TAP and doing my best to transfer to the college I want. That’s my Fullerton College Story.