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My experience at Fullerton College is one that informs even the most minute details of my personality. Everything that I am and everything that I know has been in some way influenced by my experience attending Fullerton College.

I’ll be a little selfish in telling the exact number of years that I have attended FC. I will divulge that I have seen many of the school’s buildings come down and I’ve seen new ones take their place. Let’s just say I still remember the smell of fresh paint in the William T. Boyce Library.

I first came to Fullerton College right after high school, unearned arrogance in place. Yet, I was unprepared for the demands of college. This was not high school and I had to adapt quickly. As I progressed, however, I discovered things about myself that I didn’t know before. I fell in love with jazz at FC. I learned how to write a screenplay at FC. I discovered my love for film and art and literature at Fullerton College.

Where a kid once stood, now stands a man ready to take the world by storm. This is all because of this special place.

Where high school was full of structure and limitations, college is full of potential and room for expansion. All of my previously untapped talents became my reputation. Jeremy the editor, the writer, the filmmaker. Thanks to my education I have gained confidence in myself and my abilities.

I’ve met some of my best friends here. I’ve learned much about many subjects, as my ever changing major has been a veritable carousel of knowledge. I’ve met many professors who share their knowledge and experience freely. These professors are the ones who make the college experience invaluable. They build their students up and help them hone their skills so that they can be prepared for the gauntlet that awaits them off-campus.

Throughout my time here at Fullerton College, I have changed majors far more than any student should. From Journalism to Sociology, from Sociology to Political Science, from Political Science to Philosophy and from Philosophy to Film and English. Yet, I’m thankful for the time I’ve spent here. Good and bad, alike. “The Good” makes memories and “the Bad” builds character.

I was able to figure out what I wanted out of life. At Fullerton, I was given the freedom to find myself. I would not have had the opportunity to find my passion at a four-year college. Rather than be shackled to a major that I would have become disillusioned with, at Fullerton College I had the opportunity to discover where my passions and talents truly lie.

When I finally leave Fullerton College, it will be a very sad day indeed. But I know that I will leave a better, more prepared man than that arrogant kid I was when I left high school. My hope is that another kid fresh out of high school takes my place and finds himself or herself while they attend Fullerton College. I know that I wouldn’t change my experience for anything else.