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I was born and raised in Orange County, specifically in Anaheim. My family has lived in Anaheim now for over 34 years. After graduating from High School in 2001 I attended Golden West College for half a semester, finishing an 8-week course & dropping out of my other courses. There were many factors that contributed to me dropping out, mainly because I felt college wasn’t for me and was not that important, despite what some tried telling me.

After dropping out I worked part-time before landing a full-time office job for a family owned $35 million a year General Engineering Construction Company. I began as a receptionist and filer; within a few months I was offered an opportunity to work in data entry and from there I was promoted as the company’s primary billing administrator. I was responsible for ensuring invoices were sent out on time and with the correct paperwork, so our cash flow was not disrupted. Some of the invoices that would go out would be $500,000; it was not uncommon to generate $5-$7 million in invoices per month. It was a huge responsibility, extremely stressful at times considering I also performed numerous other tasks for the company, such as Office Manager duties, archiving, promotional item(s) purchasing, event planning, general maintenance, and a variety of other things. Despite the stress and long work hours, I loved doing what I did.

I was a true workaholic, working 12-16 hour days and for a couple years I worked various other jobs while working my full-time job; which was great because it formed me into a well-rounded and knowledgeable person. After nearly 7 years working full-time for them, I was laid off due to a slowing economy and medical reasons. Soon after I was laid off and was able to begin searching for another job, I realized that despite all of my skills and experience, the one thing that was holding me back was a piece of paper…a college degree.

As I was considering returning to college I looked at several colleges: Golden West, Santa Ana, Cypress and Fullerton. My experience at Golden West was not great and both they and Santa Ana were somewhat far considering I was not driving at the time. Cypress was closer to my house and easier for me to attend, so I applied to both Cypress and Fullerton with Fullerton as my back-up. It wasn’t until I decided to walk both campuses that I realized which college I would officially be attending. When I came onto the Fullerton campus I fell in love with it. The layout, design of the buildings, trees on the quad made me feel as though I was in a separate world. It was at this moment that I knew Fullerton College was where I wanted to attend to obtain my degree.

From the start of my time at Fullerton College in fall 2010 I became involved with the Associated Student Government (A.S.). I was very involved during my first semester (Fall 2010), only to become even more involved in Spring 2011. I sat on numerous campus and district committees allowing me to network with all the deans, administration, and several faculty and classified staff members on campus; as well as some of the Vice Chancellor’s at our district office.

During 2011-12 I was the A.S. Vice President and expanded my network even further by involving myself with the Fullerton College Foundation and the Region and State level student government organization, Student Senate for California Community Colleges. This state level organization is recognized by the Board of Governor’s and California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. Having the opportunity to advocate for the 2.6 million community college students, attending hearings, and meeting with legislatures and/or their aids was a fantastic experience.

After serving for about 8 months I made a difficult decision to resign due to personal family reasons, despite this I now work in the Public Information Office in the Presidents Office and have also been able to assist with the Fullerton College Centennial project(s); which has been a wonderful experience!

In the beginning before school started my main interest was to go to school and focus on classes so I could get my degree. But as I mentioned before, I became heavily involved in Student Government and made many friendships and some enemies. In 2010-11 the A.S. Treasurer, Garima Aggarwal and I became the best of friends and remain to this day. She has been a strong inspiration and drive for me to continue with my education when I get discouraged, she’s one of the very few who have stuck by my through my ups and downs. I have many close friends, general friends, and acquaintances, but Garima is the only person I categorize as my best friend.

Others who have inspired me are those in upper administration, faculty and classified staff at Fullerton. Some of the most influential people I’ve had the privilege to interact with and inspired by the most are, Darlene Jensen, Director of Student Activities & A.S. Advisor; Denise Cork, A.S. Administrative Assistant; Student Affairs staff; Vice President of Student Services, Dr. Toni DuBois; Dean of Student Services, Bob Miranda; Director of Public Information, Andrea Hanstein; Marketing & Outreach Director, Stephanie Reyna; Dean of Fine Arts, Bob Jensen; former Faculty Senate President and Business professor, Dr. Marcus Wilson; English professor, Brandon Floerke; adjunct Speech professor, Jack Meirop; and college President, Dr. Rajen Vurdien.

There are many others whom I have formed a relationship with but in one way or another, these individuals have provided me with amazing opportunities, inspiration and encouragement when I needed it most, in a variety of ways and some more than others of course. These people are the reason I have been able to overcome may obstacles, become more positive, and not give up on my education; especially this past Fall 2012 semester. Without the support of many of these people throughout my time here at Fullerton College, I would not have been as successful as I have been in everything I have done.

This is just one example on how faculty and administration care for students and their success. Never be afraid to talk to a professor, dean or administrator; often just a brief conversation would put everything into perspective allowing me to re-direct my focus and get me back on track.

Some of the major changes that have taken place since I’ve been at Fullerton were the opening of the new 400, Science building during my first year. Then there is the remodel and new building for Fullerton’s CTE programs (welding, print shop, cosmetology, auto, etc.) and the re-design of the quad. Another historical moment that was exciting for me was to be a part and provide input on the college’s 10 year master plan; which would apply to both instructional and facility upgrades. Then of course being a part of a once in a lifetime history opportunity, the Fullerton College Centennial celebration!

Don’t let people dictate the outcome of your education or life choices. Situations will come up and some may require us to take a semester off, but never allow a situation generated by another force (or make you feel forced) to make that decision. I love quotes and one that comes to mind about life and not letting others guide you is, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Eleanor Roosevelt”

And take advantage of the opportunity you have to get an education. Yes, I was successful for several years despite not having a degree; but know it is a lot harder to return to college when you are older. I’m now 29 and will not graduate when I’m 30 (Spring 2014), stay focused and remember the sky is the limit with an education, and pursue what you love; whether it be art, theater, fashion, business, anything that makes you happy…don’t settle or give in to what others think is best. "Your time is limited, don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma, which is living the result of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinion drowned your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." — Steve Jobs

Fullerton College has become a second home to me and I absolutely love the majority of those I’ve had the opportunity to work with in the past and those I currently work and interact with. No matter where life takes me, Fullerton College will always have a special place in my memories.

Once a Hornet, Always a Hornet!