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Independence brought me to Fullerton College. After spending two year on my own exploring and learning in the Northwest I decided to return home to Orange County to continue my education. This move presented the problem of where I would stay. While staying with my parents was an option, I knew that after two years away I couldn't go back to cleaning dishes every night. So, I got a job. Then I got a second job. By the end of my first summer back Orange County I had enough money to once again say goodbye to home (this time my new "home" would be a little more accessible for visits by local family and friends). The last item on my list of move out tasks was to register for school. I got one of the classes I needed. An English major I ended up with twelve units, four of them were a Japanese class (No disrespect to the Japanese department but I really didn't see myself as a student of Japanese). Not sure what to do I talked to a academic counselor who recommended I try to sit in so classes, maybe I would get lucky. I did. I sat in on three classes and walked out enrolled in each of those classes. It has been a challenging, fun, and surprising semester at Fullerton College. While my Fullerton College story may be short it is still an important part of larger story of my life.