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I grew up in Orange County then moved to Temecula California after I finished high school I decided to move back into my grandparent’s house to attend to Fullerton College. At first I was very nervous because I did not know anyone who attended Fullerton College and I thought it would be hard to meet friends because everyone who was going to Fullerton College had already gone to high school together so they previously knew someone. After I went to orientation and found out about the tap program was thrilled because they said it was like being a part of a family and being away from my family I thought that would be the perfect group to get involved in. the first day was just as I expected everyone knew each other and everyone was walking around in a group. But as I walked into my first class which was my counseling class everyone introduced themselves to me and I felt like they wanted to get the people they were going to be going through college with. Another wonderful experience I felt while attending my first year at Fullerton College was that the teacher truly care about you and want you to do well in their class. All teachers would constantly say if you need any help to come to their office hours and that they would work around your schedule. To have teachers show so much dedication to their students makes us as students want to strive for the best because I wouldn’t want to let them down. So far this has been my experience at Fullerton College.