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Today is my last official day here. I take my last final tonight at 6:50 and afterward I will have met all of the requirements to both transfer and graduate. I never thought I would finish any type of degree. School was just never a priority to me. Over the last year and a half, though, all that changed. I lost a dear friend of mine to a drunk-driving accident on the 91 freeway; this January will make two years since that day. After that semester I decided that I needed to finish school. I continued on here at Fullerton College and found that writing could be a viable option for a career rather than just something that was easy for me to do. I poured myself into study. I took seven classes two semesters in a row and two during summer session and then five in the current semester. I’m twenty six now, not exactly the age of most transfer students at Fullerton but I met a lot of people that were well beyond me and found the truth in the saying ‘it’s never too late to go back to school’.

I’m proud to say that I’m going to graduate Fullerton College. I’m proud to know the people, both students and teachers that I’ve met here. I’m happy about where my education is headed. The things that scared me about life a few years ago now seem doable. I can’t say if all of that is directly connected to going to school here or if it has more to do with getting older but I do know that some of the opportunities I received at Fullerton College I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. Even now a classmate of mine is editing a song that I wrote and recorded on campus so I can send it in as part of my audition for USC’s school of Pop Music. I don’t know if I’ll miss the school, the parking, the traffic, having to leave my house an hour before class to not be late, but I do know that I will always be thankful I made the decision to come here. Without Fullerton I don’t think I would have tried half of what I’ve done now. And I hope in another four years, when I turn thirty, I will look back at my time here and see the connections to whatever successes I have achieved.