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I have been at Fullerton for 3 years. I stated here in summer of 2009. Since then I have grown so much. I have experienced things many would have loved to, the dream of going to college and getting a better education. At first I was undecided if I wanted to go to college. While in high school I had two of the biggest role models in education, two teachers, Mrs. Alvarado and Mrs. Apollinar. They would bring a group of girls on tours to the Fullerton College Campus and to meet new people. I had learned what EOPS was and also many of the useful centers that the campus had, for example the Cadena Center and the tutoring areas. So I was sold, college here I come.

The first year of college was not the best. I know what I wanted to major in and was so sure of it. I want to be a probation officer. It was the year I graduated and still was not used to the college situation. I did really badly the first year of college. I admit it, but I really regret it. Mostly experimenting how college worked and how I can manage. In my second year things became even harder and I acknowledged that I had to become a better student in order to get a better person. I worked harder the second year and did a little better. I was still a fixer-upper but with time and more time I became a better student. I tried my best and studied more often and paid more attention. And it certainly worked out. I had many influential teachers. One that I admire is Mr. Sampson a Criminal Law professor. He always made his classes so interesting and fun. Also Mr. Floerke an English professor. This teacher is the greatest English teacher there is. He is so funny and helpful. There are not enough teachers like this two. But there are any teachers that helped me choose the right path.

As the years passed I became a better student. After 3 years I am finally transferring to Cal State Fullerton with the help of an amazing counselor, Mrs. Vincent. She was there with me guiding me the whole entire 3 years. She is truly an amazing woman. I am leaving Fullerton College with an AA in Administration of Justice. This school is truly the best and also would be in my heart as well as everyone who have helped me along my long and rough journey. I would have never thought of being a college graduate until Fullerton College came into my knowing.