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The reason why I chose Fullerton College is because I knew that I would be able to succeed. I did look at plenty of other colleges to attend such as OCC and Long Beach JC and FIDM. The main reason why I didn’t go to OCC and Long Beach JC is because they were too far from Anaheim, where I reside and just did not offer programs that grasped my attention.

FIDM is a private college that I could not afford at the moment even with the financial aide that they provided. Although Long Beach JC did have their well known fashion program I chose to go to Fullerton because of their Transfer Achievement Program.

Ever since I joined this program my school experience has been an incredible one. I have gotten to know my fellow classmates and have had the pleasure to get to know my teachers well. With the help of my counseling class I was able to get on the right track and informed on what it means to be a successful student. I was able to get tutoring for my English/Math/Reading classes once a week which really helped me out when I felt stuck. Having the same peers in every class allowed me to also have someone to reach out to when I needed help on homework or projects that were being worked on. The teachers at Fullerton College are very eager and excited to help out their students, and example I would give would be my English professor Brandon Floerke. He has great charisma and motivates his students to pursue their goals. He told us his story of being a student at Fullerton College himself, and how his living situations were hard just like most of us. In the end he graduated, transferred, and so on.

I am a very proud to say that I am a student at Fullerton College because my experience has been great and I know that I am on the right path towards achieving my priorities at this college.