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I was born in 1991. My areas of interest are philosophy, psychology, science, writing, reasoning and design/art. I've been attending Fullerton College for the past 4 years.

My family and I do not live in Fullerton or Orange County. The school was the only part of Fullerton that interested me at first. Now I enjoy the wide variety of restaurants and shops that make up Fullerton.

I chose to study at Fullerton College because it was the most affordable college that was semi-close to home. My best friend also went here with me in the beginning (after high school).

My college life is a combination of stressing on homework, going to work, and trying to find a parking space. I've never had any mental breakdowns before college. I've lost so many hours of sleep stressing and studying for some classes, that I believe it to have reduced my lifespan by 2 years. I've been through semesters with horrible teachers and amazing teachers.

I was nervous of going to college my first year because I didn't know what to expect. I've always been part of small school, so the size of the college campus was more than what I've ever experienced. However, I found the campus to be easily adaptable. I made friends quickly at Fullerton and I look forward to making more. I'm inspired by my teachers to really work hard and manage my time wisely. They have also inspired me to chose my major and strive to get degrees.

The biggest change was the size of the campus and population of students.

Advice to current students?

  1. Please learn how to drive and dress properly.
  2. Be good to your friends.
  3. Always be aware of your surroundings and watch for traffic before blindly walking into the street.
  4. Pay attention when you are driving, the text can wait. Change your e-mail address to an appropriate name, this is college, try to be professional.
  5. Take advantage of the time professors offer help in their offices or classes.
  6. Join a club at school.
  7. Do not come to school wasted, high, or severely hung over.
  8. Be a good example to students who have little to no experience in college.
  9. Help your fellow students when they are struggling to carry heavy books and projects.
  10. Cover your sneezes.
  11. Guide new students to their classes by leading them to the classroom.
  12. For the guys who think they're cool wearing their pants so low, you're not impressing anyone walking around like a penguin, or at least change the underwear you've been wearing 3 days straight.
  13. Ladies, (depending on how heavy you are) either get a belt, or switch to larger sized pants. Lets keep the cracks hidden and ease up on the consumption of highly fatty/junk food.
  14. Take advantage of the study abroad programs.

Since my first semester in college, I've have learned to think more critically and have more of an open mind of the world around me.

I wish we had more language classes available and, for the students who find math classes to be most difficult classes, more alternative classes in the MATH section that is required to graduate.

I purchased my first house at 18 years old.