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I have lived in Placentia for most of my life. My grandmother has lived in Orange County since she was a little girl. I went through elementary school to high school in Placentia. Deciding to study at Fullerton College was a choice in my mind because it is has a nice campus, it is affordable, and was local when I first started going here. My engagement with college is mostly in the field of business and music. I have found a passion for these subjects and intend to further my studies in these fields. Since I have been at the college I have met many interesting people, and great teachers that motivate me to do the best that I can. When I first entered the college I was nervous, because I was all on my own. This quickly changed as I went to the college for the first semester. I felt like I belonged there at the college and I was part of the community. The reason for this is that I went to special events for the music program and met a lot of people that were interested in the same things that I was. If you are a new or current student I would take advantage of all the special events, such as plays in the film department, go to sports events, or just hang out in the student’s center. There is a lot of things do at the college and most of the people that are enrolled, I would say don’t take advantage of these special activities. This is more so because they don’t know about them. Take the time to be engaged in the activities that the college has to offer. They will only create a better college experience for you. The biggest impact that the college has had in my life so far would be molding me into a better well-rounded person. I have better judgments in critical thinking and it has improved my time at work because of this. I was born on December 12th, 1990. I have been enrolled at the college for 3 years now. I have accomplished almost all my general education classes, as well as a lot of music classes. If you are wondering why I am still at the college it is because I have taken about nine music classes. And as I stated before, I have a passion for music and I love taking classes about the topic. So if you are looking for a good school to get your first two years of college done, I would recommend Fullerton College. College is only as much fun as you let it be, you will learn a lot about your future profession and have some extra skills learned on the way.