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I grew up in Costa Mesa as a little grew and moved to Garden Grove at age eight. Ever since then I stated attending the close schools in my area up until high school. I chose to move schools since I was going to get send to a continuation school I decided to move to a school in Santa Ana where there they opened my eyes for college it was a small school of maybe two hundred students at the time and no it was no continuation school it was an early college. It was there that I started thinking about my future and what I wanted to do with myself. I at first wanted to become a psychologist, but then I thought about social worker since I love helping help in need it thought it would a perfect job for me to do as a career. I knew with my history of bad grades the first two years of high school wouldn’t help me at all so I couldn’t attend Cal State Fullerton so what I did was register to come to Fullerton College. I thought to myself well it’s an easy transfer and am already one step in to going to Cal State Fullerton. When I came to do my placement test I did it and well I was able to get into the Transfer Achievement Program. (TAP) the TAP program helps some of us the college students to get counseling with people who truly care about us and the teachers are wonderful. They really are dedicated to given us there all when it gets down to our education so I love being her. I should be graduating with my AA-T in fall 2015 so am excited about that.