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Jackie Boll

Dean of the Library and Learning Resource Center and Administrator of Study Abroad, Staff Development, and Catalog/Schedules.

Born and raised in California, I graduated from Long Beach City College, UCLA, and USC. In 1971, I began my career at a neighboring community college library, fully expecting it to be short term as I planned to become a social worker. Twenty years later, after moving from a classified position to an adjunct faculty librarian, all in a community college library, I found myself working as an adjunct librarian here at Fullerton College. It was my goal to work at the William T. Boyce Library, Fullerton College, known for being on the cutting edge of technology and services in the library profession. In 1991, I began my full time career as a faculty librarian here, working in that capacity until 2006 when I became Dean of the Library and Learning Resource Center.

Working 42 years in a community college library, I’ve been part of many changes — moving to electronic resources being the greatest change. When I first started here, we were just beginning to use an online catalog. Prior to that, I had worked with a card catalog for 20 years. Wow, what a change and that was just the beginning! I remember looking up a subject in the new online catalog with a response that we didn’t have any resources. I knew that wasn’t true and that I might not have entered the search correctly, so off I would go to the reference books or the general collection knowing the call number (in my head)and that I could find the book with or without ‘that’ catalog.

It's been my privilege and delight to have served thousands of students in the community college system. We just never know whose life we may have touched — and in my case, I hope it's been many lives and in a positive way.

I have faith, trust, and hope in the next generation of librarians that all will continue to respond with professionalism, knowledge, and a commitment to making information access free and available to our faculty, staff, students, and community patrons.