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In 1954, Breeland was hired to coach football for the Fullerton College Hornets. There he served as the Line Coach, Assistant Head Coach, and eventually Head Coach in 1958. Breeland also coached men’s tennis for Fullerton and was named city college “Coach of the Year” for guiding his doubles team to a State Championship.

He also coached two years of track and field at Fullerton with the FJC’s Hall of Famer, Jim Bush.

In 1960, Oran found another true passion of his and without any formal experience or training began the first wrestling program at Fullerton Junior College. In their first season, FJC produced two champions, Rhahim Javanmard an All-American and Dave Hollinger, who became the State Champion. He was also involved in the development and birth of the Southern California Wrestling Coaches and Officials Association. Breeland, along with other charter members would travel to the National Wrestling Championships each year and invite top officials and coaches to come visit Fullerton, California. They put on officiating and coaches clinics to help raise the overall level of wrestling in Southern California. Within two years, Coach Breeland had groomed the FJC wrestling program into one of the best in the state. His teams featured former state champions that wrestled at the national and world championship level.

Facing a Title Nine financial pinch in 1982, Fullerton and Cypress Colleges had to make some tough financial decisions. The FJC Wrestling Program was cut and Cypress College was forced to cut their Football Program.

Breeland continued on at Fullerton coaching tennis until he retired in 1984. He now resides in Laguna Hills California, with his wife Darlyne where he works in real estate investments and property management.