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ALUMNI STORIES: Ambra King Wakefield

Ambra King Wakefield

Ambra worked for Fullerton Civic Light Opera for many years - on their productions and in their costume shop. She loved her work, and finding the exact right costume for people - whether it was a 1900's hat for a fashionable woman, or a Halloween costume for someone on a budget. Ambra had a wonderful eye for detail and color that translated into all her costume work.

She also worked for many seasons with Limon-Carr productions, McCoy Rigby, Moonlight, and many more. She would drive hundreds of miles to and from places, hauling costumes in her van, setting up racks, sewing machines, shoes, leotards - you name it, she had it!

Ambra was also part of the staff for Theatre Company - pulling shows, coordinating, sewing and assembling costumes for the many productions that were mounted across the USA. She loved every minute of the long hours, and the camaraderie of working with so many talented people.

Ambra studied with Mela Hoyt-Heydon at Fullerton College, and loved her classes. She was passionate about her work, and cared about every person's entire outfit. She volunteered at her granddaughter's school - helping with costumes for CATS and THE MUSIC MAN and more.

As a graduate of Fullerton Union High School (she was a drama major) she was very supportive of all cultural events in Fullerton, and thrilled when her granddaughter was accepted into the Theatre Arts program.

Ambra is sorely missed by her family, co-workers and large circle of friends. We know her legacy of work will remain in the hearts of memories of all those that knew and loved her.