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The centennial committee structure is comprised of a broad range of representatives from the university community. The Steering Committee makes recommendations to the President and senior administration regarding centennial initiatives, resources and direction. If you are interested in volunteering to be on any of the below subcommittees, please email ahanstein@fullcoll.edu or rjensen@fullcoll.edu.

Centennial Steering Committee

  • Bob Jensen, Management (Co-Chair)
  • Andrea Hanstein, Management (Co-Chair)
  • Sean Chamberlin, Faculty
  • Marcus Wilson, Faculty
  • Ericka Adakai, Classified
  • Mary Frances Giacalone, Classified
  • Carol Mattson, Management
  • Ken Meehan, Management
  • Joseph McIntosh, Associated Students
  • Nissa Foster, Fullerton College Foundation
  • Gary Graves, Community Member
  • Rob Ferrier, Community Member
  • Rajen Vurdien, College President (Ex-officio)

Resource Personnel

  • Stephanie Reyna, Campus Marketing & Outreach Specialist
  • Elena Chupinsky, Fine Arts Information Officer
  • Phil Thurman, Sports Information Officer

Centennial Subcommittees

  • Celebration
  • History
  • Merchandise