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1. When and why did your family come to California?

My dad’s part of the family came from Cincinnati, they moved out here partially because of my aunt’s health (the warmer weather) and because my Grandfather had friends out in California who said that the weather was great and jobs were plentiful. My mom’s side of the family immigrated from England following World War II. My maternal Grandma and Grandpa knew each other in London growing up but both independently moved to the United States, my grandma to Memphis, my Grandpa to Huston. My grandparents stayed in touch in the States and when my Grandma decided to move out to Long Beach my Grandpa followed her.

2. What did you do before attending FC?

I attended El Toro High School.

3. When did you attend FC and what were the principal concerns, issues, and activities that concerned you most? What were the national and world affairs most on students' minds?

I attended Fullerton College from August 2005-May 2007. One of the main issues I remember from that time were the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. While I was attending Fullerton College my extra time was primarily spent within the Theatre Department. In my first year at Fullerton College I served as the Assistant Student Festival Director for the Fullerton College High School Theatre Festival. In my second year I served as the Student Festival Director for the Fullerton College High School Theatre Festival. I also worked in the Campus Theatre as a stage technician and worked on several Theatre Arts Productions including The Crucible, House and Garden, and Guys and Dolls

4. What have you done since leaving FC?

After completing my two years at Fullerton College I transferred down the street to CSUF. I graduated from CSUF in 2009 with a B.A. in Political Science. After receiving my BA I joined Teach For America, a program that places recent college graduates in under resourced urban and rural areas. As part of Teach For America I taught in Baltimore for three years at Arundel Elementary/Middle School. At Arundel I taught 6-8th grade Social Studies and Science. In the summer of 2012 I moved back to California to be the founding Humanities teacher at KIPP Philosophers Academy in South LA.

5. What kind of a college do you think FC should be for the future?

I think Fullerton College should continue to focus on taking its students to and through college. Fullerton College provided an excellent opportunity to get an affordable education and prepare for success later in life. Through continuing to focus on proving quality instruction that allows students to complete their General Education requirements, Fullerton College can remain a stepping stone for success.

6. What advice do you have for our current students?

First, work hard. Second, push yourself. Third, no matter where you go, think of why you are seeking an education and who it is you hope to benefit.

Alumni Strories: Andrew Pegan

“...think of why you are seeking an education and who it is you hope to benefit.”

—Andrew Pegan