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I was a local born Orange County kid. Ever since I remember I have always been around the orange county area. It feels like home to me. I grew up in Fullerton over by the Muckenthaler house; I would always go over there and play on the stage/grass with my brothers.

The reason that I chose to attend Fullerton College was get enough transfer credits to get to a four-year college and earn my degree there. Fullerton College has been a big help to me. I am part of the disability support services and they have helped me ever since I started going to school. They made sure I could get my classes and anything else I needed help with. If it weren’t for the support service I would not be where I am today. When I was going to the college I found that most people there were very friendly and nice. And they were all striving for one thing. And that would be to get enough units to transfer to the college of their choice. Things that stood out to me were that people were there to try and not mess around. Everything is taken very seriously at FJC. I am glad that I picked this school over other community colleges.

Some advice that I would give to incoming freshmen would be, try as hard as you can and not mess around during finals and midterms week. Get your studying done and try even if you think you might not do as well as you want. Passing you classes will make you feel very good and then you will be able to get into a good school after you are done at FJC. Some of the things that have impacted me while I was at FJC were that if you do your work and try hard during class you could get good grades. But if you slack off your grades will start to tank and you will have to redo classes that you already took and listen to the same teacher talk about the same stuff over and over again.

It is very fun meeting people and making new friends at school while learning at the same time. Without some of the friends I met at this school I would not have done as well as I wanted too. It is always nice to meet new people. I was born in 1993 and started going to FJC in 2011