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When did you/your family come to California and why?

We came to CA from Minnesota in 1955 when I was 5 years old, partly for jobs for my Dad (jobs were booming here because Disneyland was opening) and partly because I was sickly and our doctor told my folks I needed a warmer climate.

What did you do before coming to Fullerton College?

Work as a shift supervisor at an Auto Club call supervisor (1971-1975), and did shows for FCLO across the street at Plummer Auditorium.

When were you at FC? What were the principal concerns, activities, and events in which you were involved?

Started with a summer theater workshop in June 1975. Played Action in "West Side Story." Enrolled that fall in a series of Rehearsal and Performance classes so I could do shows.

Who were some of the most memorable people you met then at the college?

Jim Henderson ("The Lady's Not For Burning" 1977, the single most pleasant acting experience I've every had), Gary Krinke (got me my first paying acting job, 1993), Todd Glenn (a very dry wit), George Stoughton (absolutely unable to explain how a "Shakespearean clown" should behave), John Zigler (a great friend), Brian Kojac (incredibly talented).

Is there one story that is most memorable?

(There are so many.) Maybe breaking my foot on the gym floor rehearsing "Hair" for Gary Krinke in 1979, and ending up playing Margaret Mead at the last minute four weeks later?

What advice do you have for our current students?

Work as much and as often as you can. Get known as cooperative, willing and easy to work with. Leave your ego at the door, (Talented actors are a dime a dozen, but mature professionals are had to come by, and are pure gold.)

Alumni Strories: Bob May

“Work as much and as often as you can. Get known as cooperative, willing and easy to work with.”