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Bob Terrio, a legend at Fullerton College, started as fullback on the 1967 Fullerton College football team that won the Junior College National Championship. Terrio was voted 1st team All-Conference both seasons he played at FC (1967-68).

He originally wanted to play for USC, but due to a knee injury the scouts advised him to go to Fullerton College to prove himself. After his success with the Hornets, a full-ride scholarship offer came from the University of Nebraska. Terrio quickly forgot about USC and signed with the Huskers.

Terrio started for the University of Nebraska as a linebacker during the 1970 and 1971 seasons that went on to become the National Champions (both undefeated teams). He was voted All-Big 8 and All-American Mention, and was on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine twice (November 29, 1971 and January 10, 1972) during his Husker career.

Bob was also fortunate enough to be picked to play in the 1972 College All-Star game against the Dallas Cowboys. The College All-Star game was a match-up against the winners of the National Football League, and the star college seniors from the year before. This tradition took place annually from 1934-76 with the exception of 1974 because of the NFL Players Strike.

Terrio was invited to the New York Giants football camp in 1972, but after his football career was over, Bob kept the streets safe working for the Fullerton Police Department as a motorcycle officer for 28 years.

He recently lent his name for the Bob Terrio Classic in 2005. This tradition raised money on donated sports memorabilia. They donated the raised funds to the Nebraska Rural Volunteer Fire Department to buy a new ambulance.

Bob was also inducted to the Buena Park High School Hall of Fame in October of 1992.