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Co Ho

Co Ho began working in the computer lab while he was a student, and today, he manages the Systems Technology department. In the 1990’s, Ho was responsible for Fullerton College being among the two earliest community colleges to have Internet connection.

Ho created the Time Keeper system for campus, still in use today, and wrote the program for scheduling and scoring for the theatre department, as well as instituting many other advancements that have kept FC at the forefront of technology for its students. He was most concerned with the fast pace of technology versus the slow pace of academia and wanted to make the systems worked more efficiently for users.

He sees technology as a tool, one that is neither inherently good nor bad. Whether it is embodied as an iPod, Facebook, Twitter, or World of Warcraft, if it is suitable for teaching and learning, then it can be evaluated and used for its advantage.

Years at FC



Systems Service Manager, Academic Computing Technologies, Fullerton College, 2002–present
Lead Pastor, Redemption Point, 2010–present
Adjunct Faculty, Fullerton College, 1995–2003
Project Leader, Fullerton College, 1988–2002
M.A., Biblical Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, 2012
M.B.A., California State University, Fullerton, 2001
B.S., Computer Science, California State University, Fullerton, 1995
California Community College Technology Leadership Award, 2007
Staff of Distinction Award, Fullerton College, 1996
AT&T’s Stock Simulation Winner, California State Fullerton, 1991