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New York University
Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development
M.A. Educational Theatre in Colleges and Communities

My first experience at Fullerton College was in spring 2008, when I was 15 years old and still in high school. I took Ron Michaelson’s “Acting for the Camera” class because I didn’t have that opportunity at school and had recently caught the acting bug. That summer I performed in Les Misérables with SRO. Gary Krinke offered me the High School Honor Scholarship after directing me all summer and seeing my work ethic and positive attitude. I started as a full-time student in the fall. I was 16, coming from my sophomore year of high school, and incredibly nervous. I chose to come to FC when I did because I was unhappy in high school and knew I was ready for college. I also wanted to have more opportunities for theatre, as my high school had a very poor program with limited opportunities.

My first semester, I was in Gary’s 120A acting class and quickly became as involved as I could in the theatre department. Over winter break, I participated in the Playwright’s Festival. In the spring, I was the Judges Coordinator for High School Theatre Festival and became a Theatre Arts Ambassador. Aside from theatre, at the end of the semester I was offered a job as the Honors Intern for the Honors Program, of which I was already part of. I was in Footloose with SRO summer 2009. At the start of the fall semester, I was offered the position of “Campus One” for High School Theatre Festival and began the 7-month journey of planning the giant monster of greatness. In the spring, in addition to High School Theatre Festival, I was in two shows through the 120D acting class. I was also named a Woman of Distinction and sprinted from the ceremony barefoot across the quad to perform in a show, then ran back after the show and took group pictures in an apron, rain boots, and grey hair. I received the Bronwyn Dodson Scholarship Award through the theatre department and graduated in May 2010 with two A.A. degrees and a 4.0 GPA. My father, who is on the Board of Trustees for the North Orange County Community College District, presented me with my diploma. I was in two shows in Director’s Festival and Anything Goes with SRO that summer. I came back summer 2011 to perform in Les Misérables one more time with SRO and was a judge at High School Theatre Festival 2012.

After Fullerton, I transferred to USC and graduated with a B.A. in Theatre, minor in Business in May 2012. I am currently at NYU studying Educational Theatre in Colleges and Communities and will receive my M.A. in September 2013.

My time at Fullerton was relatively short, but it truly shaped who I am and allowed me to gain experiences that paved the way for even bigger things once I left. Coming to FC at such a young age, I had a lot to learn about myself and the world around me, in addition to my academic classes. All my teachers at FC were wonderful and taught in a way that made me excited to learn. I can’t express enough gratitude for the opportunities I had specifically in the theatre department, as well. If there was something I wanted to do, the teachers and staff supported me 100%. The leadership experience I got through High School Theatre Festival and Ambassadors allowed me to be a leader at USC and beyond. The skills I learned in my acting classes, SRO, and all the technical classes allowed me to grow as a well-rounded theatre artist. The professionalism the FC theatre department teaches has not gone unnoticed in my work, either.

FC was a time of immense growth for me, and I still say that those were the best years of my life. I was challenged by the work and experiences I had, but always felt incredibly supported and cared for by all my teachers and those around me. I could probably write a book on everything I learned at FC and