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For 30 years, I always knew I wanted to go to college. But with military service, marriage, and kids, college seemed to take a back seat in my life. In late fall 2008, I was offered employment to Fullerton College, and I made my mind up right then and there that there were no more excuses, and that it was now time for me to attend college. The kids were on their own and my life was well established. With my husband supporting my decision 100%, I started college. In spring 2009, I took two classes. I remember walking into math and crying because I knew this was the start of something wonderful. I was limited to which classes I could take because of working in the day time, but five semesters later, I graduated, with honors, with an Associate of Science degree in Administration of Justice, and as a Women of Distinction. The emotions that ran through me at graduation were indescribable !!! I had 15 family members and countless staff and faculty there to see me walk. I still work at Fullerton College but now carry another title-Alumnus.