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A thriving U.S. Paralympian hopeful, U.S. Army Veteran Gregory Crouse is an example of perseverance and dedication to fellow Hornet. Crouse, who lost his left leg after being hit by a drunk driver while serving in the U.S. Army, never thought such a tragic accident would turn him into the person he is today. After being injured, like many wounded veterans, went through a phase of losing motivation and self-worth, falling into drug and alcohol abuse.

He found motivation and a new dream when he participated in a Disabled Sports Festival in Long Beach, CA. He attended the event as a Prosthetic Technician, promoting prosthetic legs for a company he worked for; the experience introduced him to canoeing competitions that would eventually take him all over the world. For more than a decade, Crouse has spread the word and encouraged the disabled to have their own outrigger canoeing division in the Paralympics. In 2010, the Paralympics Committee accepted Outrigger Canoeing as an official sport (starting in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro), bringing Crouse a sense of accomplishment and achievement.

During his studies at FC, Crouse developed an interest in radio broadcasting, became one of the two great “voices” of the Hornet team, and acquired a Communications degree. His own hard work aside, FC professors Ed Ford and Peg Donahue-Berger inspired Crouse, providing positive criticism and pushing him to reach his fullest potential. Crouse now works as a Registered Amputee Peer Counselor with other wounded veterans, urging them to find new goals and motivation to help them through the shock of becoming disabled. He advises future generations of FC students to follow their dreams.

"Be open to discovering a new dream in your life. "
— Gregory Crouse



Dates at FC



Communications/Sports, Communications/Broadcasting


Outrigger Canoeing Paralympian, 2003–present
A.A., Communications, Fullerton College, 2012
Backup PA announcer, Fullerton College Football/Hornet Team
U.S. Army Veteran
VA’s Outrigger Canoeing Competitor
U.S. Representative for Adaptive Disabled 1-Man Outrigger Canoeing
Registered Amputee Peer Counselor
Number 1 ranked U.S. Outrigger Canoeing Representative