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  • 1. When did you/your family come to California and why?
  • 2. What did you do before coming to Fullerton College?
  • 3. When were you at FC? What were the principal concerns, activities, and events in which you were involved?
  • 4. Who were some of the most memorable people you met then at the college?
  • 5. What have you done since leaving the college?
  • 6. What advice do you have for our current students?
  • 7. What should be the college vision for the future, or what ideas should we incorporate in that vision?

Tara Brown Guthrie

1. My grandparents came to California in the 1940’s from Iowa and Michigan to start a new life as married couples off of the farm and to seek new adventures and possibilities.

2. I grew up in Brea and didn’t travel far from the nest after high school. Fullerton College was the closest Junior College and so unsure of what university I wanted to go to, I set out to figure that out at Fullerton.

3. While at FC, I was primarily concerned with taking General Education classes while I figured out what direction I wanted to take. After a year at Fullerton, I became involved in the Theatre Department and began my journey to get an AA in Theatre Arts and became very well prepared for my transfer to UCLA’s Department of Theatre, Film, and Television.

4. I will start with my husband, Bryan Guthrie. We met during Into the Woods and have now been married for 11 years. Gary Krinke, Bob Jensen, Chuck Ketter, Mela Hoyt-Hayden, Jim Book, Steve Pliska, Arlyn MacDonald, Lisa Rohr Sterbakov, Lisa McManus Schomas, Matt D’Amico, Nathan Baesel, Kelly Ford, Kelly Fullerton, Artie O’Daly, Addison Glines, Chuck Rogers and so many more! I made life long connections while at FC.

5. I graduated from UCLA; got married to my FC Sweetheart Bryan; we have 2 amazing children, Kate and Jack; I work at a church with 1st-6th grade students; I’m currently auditioning for and working in commercials.

6. FC is an amazing school – not only are the professors at the top of their game (and not just in the Theatre Department), there is a family feel to the school if you seek it out. Don’t just go through the motions of going to class, taking the tests, and getting out – really invest in your education through relationships with your professors and fellow students to change your life.

7. Continue to reach out to and nurture students. Keep them engaged in the learning process and don’t just be about numbers and statistics. Invest in lives and build community with your students – FC is not just a school, it’s a family.

Bryan Guthrie

1. My family moved to California before I was born, probably in the early 1940’s for work opportunities.

2. I attended Biola University for two years and left was trying to do some auditioning and work on my own before I attended Fullerton.

3. The Theatre Department, Bravo.

4. Gary Krinke, Bob Jensen, Arlyn MacDonald, Steve Pliska, Jim Book, Tara Brown, Lisa McManus, Addison Glines, John Tebay, Eden Espinosa.

5. I graduated from UCLA; got married to Tara Brown; currently I’m working as the head of the Creative Arts Department at Whittier Area Community Church; I have two amazing kids.

6. Enjoy every minute. Know that you are getting one of the best education anywhere. And know that the faculty teaches at Fullerton because they love students. I attended Biola University and UCLA – my finest educational experience was at Fullerton College. A big part of that was because of the faculty who dedicate themselves into pouring themselves into the lives of students.

7. Value the student and their educational experience. The hands on instruction and respect that I felt that I experienced from the faculty was beyond any I had experienced or have experienced. I feel like the educational experience was collaborative, was a journey for the student and the faculty – learning and growing together.