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Judy Farrar

I received my Cosmetology certificate at FJC 1969. Because of a bad back I could not stand to do hair; so I continued college as an Art major on the GI Bill, got a "Women of Distinction Award." FJC became Fullerton College, because it was a 4 yr degree college now. I went to school the same time as my 4 kids were in school, a lot of scheduling! I took all kinds of classes: computer, administration, art, art, and all the fun art classes. I went there for 10 years, and I loved FC!

The photo depicts a crazy huge sculpture the whole class made with our instructor, Mr. Don Treadway. Mr. Treadway had the statue moved by a crane company for free and placed it down on the main campus. Wow, The students hated this ugly statue and told Treadway to move it. After a while when he had not moved it, the student body came out with sledgehammers. And started beating it to destroy it!!! The art students heard about this and came to protect it, and Mr. Treadway said he would have it moved. Then he had to talk the crane company to move it for free again! They moved it to a child center that wanted it. Kids absolutely loved it. No more giant sculptures were made! The art students that made it didn't 't like it either. They wanted to create their own personal sculpture!