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Raised in Virginia, First Lieutenant Rebecca Kipper is an inspirational and non-traditional example to the Fullerton College community of endurance and perseverance. A gay woman in the U.S. military, member of the Army National Guard, former 2007 Iraq war Vet, paralegal, and now an aspiring non-traditional law school student at Chapman University, Kipper is an example of realizing achievements and goals even in the face of obstacles and adversity. Kipper placed her studies on hold to serve her country but never gave up her dream of earning a law degree.

Kipper is now on the verge of completing her studies as one of Chapman University School of Law’s top scholars. Kipper served a tour of duty as the leader of a platoon of 40 in a detainee prison in Afghanistan in 2012. In 2013, she will complete her final semester at Chapman and acquire a law degree. Because she has inspired so many of her peers and professors, Chapman University produced and issued a video message for Kipper, who was unable to attend her own commencement ceremonies.

Though life may take her in unexpected directions, Kipper will always be living proof that through two crucial factors—motivation and perseverance—anything in life is possible.

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J.D., Chapman University School of Law, 2013
Company Executive Officer, California Army National Guard
B.S., Mathematics, California State University, Long Beach, 2006
Sergeant and Electronics Repairwoman, United States Army