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What brought you or your family to Fullerton or Orange County?

I first heard about Fullerton College and Fullerton College's relationship with Berklee College of Music from a fellow musician who was a Berklee grad who now travels the world drumming for Grammy Award Winning, Jazz Artist Esperanza Spaulding.

Explain why you chose to study/work at Fullerton College.

My aspirations have always been to study music and find my way in the world as a musician and songwriter. I chose Fullerton College because their music program was extensive and thorough enough for me to pair up with the education I sought to obtain from Berklee College of Music. In the Fullerton College Music Department, I was able obtain a solid understanding of Classical and Jazz theory and technique- Now, as working musician living in Boston, I am really grateful for that foundation.

In what areas of college life were/are you engaged?

I was engaged in Choir with John Tebay, Applied Voice with Dr. Katharin Rundus and Dr. Steven Dahlke who was my private instructor as well as piano studies with Dr. Monica Lee.

Describe what the college was like and your principal interests during your year(s) at the college. During your time at Fullerton College, who were people you had friendships with, were inspired by, or in some way made a difference in your time here, and why?

My experience at Fullerton College was absolutely incredible! The people I had the opportunity to forge real friendships with were those I sang in Choir with - a few of which also graduated from Fullerton College to continue their education at Berklee with me in Boston. That was fantastic and I was thrilled that I had made some friends back at Fullerton College who I could hang out with here in Boston which was a totally new city for me. I'd have to say that Dr. John Tebay, Dr. Katharin Rundus,& Dr. Steven Dahlke in the Voice Department as well as Dr. Bruce Miller in the Music Theory Department inspired me a LOT and have, probably unbeknownst to them, influenced and improved the way I lead as a bandleader, composer, vocalist and vocal instructor.

What were some of the biggest changes or most significant events that took place during your time at the college?

At Fullerton College, I started to get more comfortable singing and performing all different styles of music and working with musicians to perform and record.

What advice do you have for our current students?

I would give the same advice to Fullerton College students that I would give to any student where a quality education was offered- Definitely, definitely take the time to digest what you are learning in class, ask questions if you unclear, and utilize the office hour for further deepening of the concepts being taught.

What impact did your experiences at Fullerton College have on the rest of your life/career and how?

My experiences at Fullerton College introduced me softly to the standards that the industry has on professionalism, knowledge, technique and performance- to not just perform mindlessly, but to perform with intention on even the smallest detail, because it makes a good difference overall. I learned first from Fullerton College that "Practice does not make perfect, but perfect practice does."

"I learned first from Fullerton College that 'Practice does not make perfect, but perfect practice does.'"

Year of Birth:


Department of Specialty:

Singer-Songwriter, Pianist, Vocalist, Arranger, Band leader, & Vocal Instructor

Dates/Years at Fullerton College:

September 2006- December 2008


A.A in Music (Voice) from Fullerton College

B.M in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music

Released debut album "Peace, Love, & the Lack Thereof" worldwide on iTunes, Amazon and other digital stores on February 13, 2012

Has had the material from "Peace, Love, & the Lack Thereof" included in catalogues that provide music for hotels, clothing stores, & restaurants in Finland, New Zealand, America & the UK

Tours with all-female band in New York, Philadelphia, and Boston