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Having enrolled at Fullerton College in the late 1980s triggered a passion for theater for Tiina C. Mittler, then Tiina Wiles. Yet, that she even attended Fullerton College could be viewed as a simple twist of fate – because prior to that, north Orange County born-and-raised Mittler referred to herself as someone who was sheltered and unfocused.

Enrolling at Fullerton College and beginning to immerse herself in the world of theater changed all of that. The Theatre Department’s Study Abroad Program gave Mittler a firsthand look at theater in England. Spending a semester traveling to London weekly, visiting Stratford Upon Avon and living in Cambridge gave her a much broader overview of theater that extended well beyond just the actors on the stage.

Mittler later transferred to Chapman University, focusing on the communications and public relations aspects of theater, and joined Stages Theatre in Fullerton, where she met her future husband, playwright and FC alumnus William Mittler. In 2005, she was hired as Managing Director of the city of Brea’s Curtis Theatre, a 199-seat, multi-genre performance venue — and so has come full-circle.

Though always attracted to theater, “it wasn’t part of my upbringing or my life. To be truthful, my family was very practical. Acting, and theater in general, was not looked at as something to pursue as a course of study, or as a profession.”
Tiina Mittler, January 11, 2011

Bob Jensen’s Intro to Theater course “cracked the door open. To see this beautiful art form through the eyes of someone who could convey the complexities with such depth, intelligence and true appreciation was an important moment.”
Tiina Mittler, January 11, 2011

The Study Abroad Program offered Mittler “a whole semester of being immersed in theater and art and history. And that was it – it was life-changing.”
Tiina Mittler, January 11, 2011

Upon transferring to Chapman University from Fullerton College, Tiina Mittler said she “loved acting and the creative side” of theater, but “knew that wasn’t the path I was going to take.”
Tiina Mittler, January 11, 2011

“Tiina joined Stages Theatre in our third year. She was and is one of the hardest working actresses I’ve worked with. As an actress she is constantly bringing in ideas for her character and is willing to climb way out on a limb. She’s fearless, as well as a positive and energy in a cast. As a director she is very patient and encouraging to her casts. She also was very involved in our publicity department over the years and generously gave many hours to promoting Stages and its endeavors. As a producer (at the Curtis Theatre) she is very supportive of her directors, encouraging to the casts, and provides all the structure and behind-the-scenes support a production needs to succeed.”
Founder of Stages Theatre Brian Kojac, December 8, 2011

Date of Birth:

July 20, 1970

Dates at Fullerton College:


Department of Specialty:

Theatre Arts Department

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