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1. When did you/your family come to California and why?

I first moved to Fullerton in 1995. I lived just 2 blocks from FJC. Then I moved up to the Valley where I lived till Aug. 2008. My wife Sarah and I got married in 2003 so she came out then.

2. What did you do before coming to Fullerton College?

I was a grad student at DePaul University in Chicago.

3. When were you at FC? What were the principal concerns, activities, and events in which you were involved? I came to FC in 1996?

I taught Movement for Actors. Then I co-directed and acted in Moby Dick -Rehearsed! I followed that up with directing The Crucible and then acted and co-directed The Kentucky Cycle. Also during that time I choreographed fights for many different show from Blade to the Heat to West Side Story. The Kentucky Cycle was one of the greatest moment s of my life, next to, of course, getting married and the miracle of having children. In the play I played played many roles, a dad most of the time. A good dad and bad dad. I this show I had Addison Glines as an actor in the show and he played my son multiple times in the show and at the end he died and I was crushed. Years later he died of cancer and I was crushed again. FC has touched me in more ways than it knows.

4. Who were some of the most memorable people you met then at the college?

The most memorable and influential person I met at FC was Bob Jensen. My life today wouldn't be what it was with out his guidance and prayers. He helped me to mature as an actor, teacher, director but mostly as a man. I learned more from Bob Jensen then I ever did at any of the universities I attended. He taught me how to stay calm under the most stressful situations. I can't put into words the true impact that Bob has had on my life. Also Steve Pliska was an amazing influence. Just his view of life and candor with every situation just helped to make life easy and that there are more important things in life than stress and BS.

5. What have you done since leaving the college?

I have been a Stunt man in hollywod doubling such actors as Will Ferrell, in Blades of Glory and Semi-Pro, and Alec Baldwin, in Cat in the Hat. I have been Stunt Coordinating films such as Machine Gun Preacher staring Gerald Butler, Hostel 3, and Ides of March staring George Clooney.

6. What advice do you have for our current students?

Listen to your parents and faculty. You can learn things from them. Listen to everyone because you don't know what you will learn from anyone. Laugh everyday. It's great medicine. Life is like golf, you are only one shot away from a great round. Live like a child but be childish. This means to see everything for the first time everyday because its awesome to see things for the first time.