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Printing Program, 1997-present

What brought you or your family to Fullerton or Orange County?

I was born and raised in Long Beach. I love the surf and beach in Huntington Beach and moved here after saving every penny I made for 20 years.

Explain why you chose to study/work at Fullerton College.

I was sitting in a meeting for high school printing teachers in early Janary and Dave Mc Cormac announced that they were hiring a new press teacher in the fall. I was not fimiliar with one of the presses, so I signed up for the Saturday press class offered on Saturday's and learned the press and the curriculum for the class that I was hired to teach! Best investment I every made!

In what areas of college life were/are you engaged?

Instructor, helping students.

Describe what the college was like and your principal interests during your year(s) at the college.

It was very busy. I left the high school after 20 years and found that I had a lot to learn. I was given opportunities to learn new technologies, develop relationships with many printing industry partners and I helped developed a printing program that is one of the top programs in the nation. Over the past 15 years I have taken ownership of the printing program, just like Dave Mc Cormac, Paul Miller and the teachers before them. I guess that is one of the reasons we are one of two community colleges in the state that still offer printing.

During your time at Fullerton College, who were people you had friendships with, were inspired by, or in some way made a difference in your time here, and why?

Scott Mc Kenzie, I met Scott through Cal State Long Beach in the early 1980's. He was a speaker at our annual California Education Assocation meeting. He showed slides of how he hiked from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Coast Trail. He helped me make the decision to come to Fullerton College and continues to inspire me through example as an outstanding administrator and educator. When I set a goal for myself as an educator, i use Scott as a benchmark and I always seem fall short.

What were some of the biggest changes or most significant events that took place during your time at the college?

The changes in the printing program.

What impact did your experiences at Fullerton College have on the rest of your life/career and how?

The opportunities provided through my time at Fullerton College have made me a better teacher, father, colleague and human being.

    Year of Birth

  • 1956
    • Dates at Fullerton College

  • 1997 to present
    • Department of Specialty

  • Printing
    • Accomplishments/Awards

  • Teacher of the year, presented by the Printing Industries of America and Teacher of Distinction from Fullerton College.
  • My greatest accomplishment is changing students lives!