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Don Treadway

Don Treadway has a long history with Fullerton College. Among the accomplishments of his thirty years at the college, Treadway began building the Sculpture program in 1974 in the T-4 (Temporary Bldg #4) building that is part of the maintenance facility on campus today. He has seen administrators come and go, but finds that it is the faculty that has been at FC for decades who give the college the connection and stability that maintains its spirit and commitment to the students.

Treadway's career has included work such as bronzes for the California Angels Hall of Fame and works in private and public collections around the country. In approaching his sculptures, Treadway finds that history gives perspective on his subjects, which in turn add the subtle symbols of character that are part of the work. Treadway is interested in creating his own vision and will create work even if the world shows no interest; that is where the rebel in him starts and ends.

Treadway is currently working on the life-size bronze statue project of legendary Fullerton College coach Hal Sherbeck. The moquette took him over three-hundred hours to complete. He hopes this piece will bring a greater understanding of Sherbeck and his love for the college and community.

"I never went to college to get a job. I see life as a process of continual schooling. Go to school because you want to know more about the endeavors you want to pursue. That education will get you a job you may have never planned on. I’m perfect example."
— Don Treadway



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M.F.A., Bowling Green State University
M.A., Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio
B.A., California State University, Hayward