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STAFF STORIES: Ines Torres-Beilke

Ines Torres-Beilke

I came to work at Fullerton College in 1975. I was previously employed with the California State Employment Department as an employment counselor and at Long Beach City College Veterans Office on part-time basis.

Since I was a young wife and mother of two I was searching for a career that would allow me to work around my children’s school hours and a profession at a community college would offer a balance in my career and family life. In my search I found Fullerton College and was hired as a counselor to work in helping veterans, underrepresented populations, and the undecided students with their academic, career and life goals.

Fullerton College was a place where we were united, The layout of the campus allowed for students and faculty to connect daily at a personal level. Most of our day time students were full-time students taking 15-18 units a semester and our evening students were mainly part-time students due to their work. Students would spend a lot of time in the library reading and doing their homework. The Philosophy and Objectives printed in the Fullerton College catalog in 1975-76 was:—“each person should have the opportunity of developing to “his” fullest capacity as a human being, reaching a dignity and self-concept that is derived through one’s knowledge that he has achieved the ability to take his place in a society of free men”, etc. Tuition was free for a “district resident “—one who is in the territory that is in a Community College district.

As a counselor my duties were to create programs and services that would help students with their academic, vocational/career and personal goals. I was instrumental in developing the Fullerton College Career and Life Planning Center, the Career curriculum , the production of educational videos and the publishing of Textbooks to help students find their future direction and purpose in life. Then as counselors we scheduled our students appointments based on their needs and followed-up as necessary. Today is all about the numbers, data entry and limited to the computer demands. Etc.Technology has forced us to change in the way we work, learn, and live.

The main person who made a difference in my career. professional life at Fullerton College was Dr. John Collins, Dean of Counseling. I am a believer in the importance of Career and Life Development. Students are seeking an education for a better life and a successful career. This has forced me to study and research and continue to develop with the changing culture of the United States and the workplace in relation to what does the future looks like. I am persistent in doing what needs to be done for helping students meet their academic goals.

I advise to students is to never give up. If you fail try again and seek help to help you do what you need to do. My time at Fullerton College has helped me become a life long learner.



Years at Fullerton College



Producer, Distance Education video programs, 1986, "In Search of Motivation", 8 video programs based on each chapter of the textbook “ Career Motivation” written by Ines Beilke. "The Changing Culture of the Workplace"—8 video programs based on each chapter of the textbook “ Career Motivation” written by Ines Beilke. California State Grant from the Chancellors Office—proposed by Jay Goldstein in Distance Education. Tele-novela video series "The Changing Culture of the Workplace", 3 video programs in Spanish and 3 video programs in Vietnamese based on chapter 7 entailed, “ The Changing Culture of America” from the textbook “Career Motivation”.

Contributing Writer, Career National Conferences/lectures

Contributing Writer, Fullerton College Spotlight Newsletter and presentations

Workshops Abroad

In Search of Self-Awareness , Greece and Yugoslavia, Fullerton College Community services, 1980; The Classical Quest for Self-Awareness , Greece and Yugoslavia , Fullerton College Community Relations, 1982; Career Issues/Challenges, Azure Seas Cruise Line, Baja, California, Fullerton College Services,1980-1983. International Study Abroad Educational Presentations/Travels, Costa Rica, Central America, Australia, Europe, and Merida, Mexico, Fullerton College Student Services, 1989-1994.