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Before his present position as a journalism professor at Fullerton College, Jay Seidel studied journalism at several different colleges and worked as an editor and reporter for several newspaper and publishing companies. After earning his degree in Communications he served as president of the Journalism Association of Community Colleges, a non-profit organization.

After leaving active duty in the U.S. Army, Seidel discovered his love for journalism and became actively involved in The Hornet newspaper and the Torch magazine. He also completed six different internships while attending the college, including a position as a sportswriter with The Los Angeles Times.

At FC, Seidel helped students create and launch La AnTorchia, the first student-produced Spanish language online publication in California's community colleges. He also worked with high school journalism programs and created a summer journalism boot camp. In 2012, Seidel also became the publisher of the La Habra Journal.

Journalism professors Julie Davey and Sandy Baird-Allen were the most inspiring people he met while studying at FC. Seidel praises Davey’s professionalism, compassion, and leadership, and Baird-Allen for her passion for journalism.

"Find your passion and pursue it rigorously. Always look for opportunities to grow and learn, even if it’s something simple. The greatest limitations are the ones we put on ourselves. Work through them and/or remove them in order to achieve your goals. Don’t wait to make something happen. Many students feel like they need to wait until they transfer to a university. They need to start making it happen while at FC. "
— Jay Seidel



Dates at FC

1993–1996, 2001–present


Journalism, Communications


Journalism Professor, Media Advisor, Fullerton College, 2005–present
Adjunct Faculty, California State University, Fullerton, 2007–2013
President, Journalism Association of Community Colleges, 2008–2011
M.A., Communications, California State University, Fullerton, 2001–2005
Sports Reporter,The Los Angeles Times, 1997–1999
B.A., Journalism, California State University, Long Beach, 1999
A.A., Journalism, Fullerton College, 1996
Combat Engineer, U.S. Army, 37th Eng Bn., Operation Desert Shield/Storm, 1990–1992