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I was born in Southern California and have lived here all my life. I was raised on the Bible, The Beatles, and 1960's television, by loving parents who suspected incompatibility between the former and the latters. I read MAD and Dr. Seuss until I memorized them, listened to out-of-the-mainstream records over and over and over and never grew tired of them, and from as far back as I can remember, loved stories, songs and pictures.

My parents sent me to a small private school in Anaheim, from kindergarten until I graduated high school in 1976 with a class of about thirty. Then I went to Fullerton College where I felt lost among twenty-thousand students. But it was at FC that I studied advertising illustration, met my best friends, learned enough craft to earn money as an illustrator, and in 1984 I returned to teach part-time and have been there ever since.

I'm now an over-employed itinerant teacher, the one without an advanced degree, the one who never aspired to teach, whose fuel has always been a love of mastery and the arts. While I train others, I hope to train myself for another round of the best work I can offer — work that aspires to the energy, passion, glory, skill, and mischief of the Masters.

For information about Marshall’s seminars and examples of his work, see; http://www.marshallart.com/

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