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Marty Orner began her tenure in 1962 at Fullerton College as an eager 24 year old. Her first couple of years she sponsored the “Hornet Honey’s” drill team. Several years later, Marty was assigned her first coaching assignment in women’s tennis and co-ed volleyball. Eventually she coached the women’s volleyball team.

Her involvement in officiating women’s volleyball from high school to the National Collegiate level ranked her as an elite official. Over the next 20 years Orner served with the National Association for Girls and Women in Sport (NAGWS) with Officiating and Rules Committees.

Orner would go on to serve as the National Volleyball Rules Interpreter for the United States Volleyball Association. She officiated many of the collegiate volleyball tournaments across the nation. Many times, Orner officiated the quarterfinal, semi-final, and final matches. During that time, Orner acted as the head official in charge of all the assignments and organization of the officials.

Over the years Marty’s focus shifted from coaching and officiating to school policies. Orner served on numerous campus committees and also on the District Negotiating Council. Her biggest achievement was successfully securing coaching pay for all the head coaches.

Marty spent 32 years surrounded by wonderful people, great students, and an outstanding college and District before retiring in 1994.