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“Dr. MAC” was a mainstay here at Fullerton College when he served as the official team physician for over thirty-six years (retired in 1994). A long time Fullerton resident, he was not only a big part of Fullerton College Athletics but also the Fullerton community at large.

He was so popular at Fullerton College that the football department had a “Dr. Philip McFarland Night,” in recognition of the twenty-five years he was the team doctor.

A graduate of Ohio State University, McFarland served as chairman of the California Medical Association, president of the Orange County Medical Association, and was a honorary member of the National Athletic Trainers Association.

Dr. McFarland received many prestigious awards including Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year, and St. Jude Medical Center’s Physician of the Year. In 1984, he received the “Distinguished Friend of the College” award for his invaluable contribution of time and service to the school. He was also known as one of the top orthopedic specialists in the state of California.

A licensed pilot, Dr. Mac was also a member of the Flying Physicians and had served as a deputy sheriff with the Orange County Sheriff’s Aero-Squadron.

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