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My Centennial Celebration Story:

Like my parents before me, I began my higher education at Fullerton College. Coincidentally, the similarities of our experience did not stop there. In the early 1950’s, My parents, Bob and Joanne Pipes were very involved in student activities at Fullerton College.

Joanne was the President of the Associated Women Students and received a service award. Bob was the sophomore class president. They were both members of Alpha Gamma Sigma and graduated in 1953. Thirty-four years later, I enrolled at Fullerton College. I planned to complete my general education and transfer to CSUF. My experience far exceeded my expectations. I wanted to join the same service club that my mother had been a part of, Alpha Gamma Sigma. Upon trying to sign up, I learned that it had become inactive. I was encouraged by Darlene Jensen and Carl Schwarz to re-start the club. A few close friends and I did just that. We had a wonderful time participating in college activities and organizing service events for the community. In 1990, I received the award of Woman of the Year, and Geoff Moore, also an officer of Alpha Gamma Sigma, was voted Man of the year. I graduated from FC with my AA degree and a certificate in Video Production. During my time at FC, an amazing teacher influenced the path my career would take. Marie Perez encouraged me to get experience in the television production industry while I was still a student in college. After taking her class, I attempted to volunteer to work on productions whenever possible. This led to a part time job at a local station, and later turned into a full-time position after my graduation from CSUF. I will forever be grateful for her advice and encouragement which led to my career as a producer/director for an international television network. Years later, I began teaching television production at Fullerton College. I am currently an adjunct instructor in the Cinema, Radio, and Television department. I only hope that I can be just as inspiring to my students as Marie Perez was to me.

—Susan Dvorak